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Mowing Season:
We offer year-round lawn and landscaping services. Our regular mowing season runs from March through November. Unless you tell us, we will mow your lawn for this period.

Regarding service delivery, we understand that weather might be a factor. Therefore, in the event of poor weather, we will reschedule your appointment to the next available time slot to ensure consistency.

Is Your Backyard Kept Locked?
If our service is interrupted owing to a lack of access to your property, we will not offer a discount. Therefore, please ensure your backyard is accessible to us on the appointed service day, or provide us with your gate code if necessary.

Wet Yard:
If your backyard is too wet for our mowing crew to service, but they serviced the front yard, you will be billed a reduced rate for the front yard only.

Billing Policy:
Mowing Services, Shrub/Bush Trimming, Seasonal Planting, and Landscaping:
Billing is due the same day of service.

Landscape Projects:
A 50% deposit is required to book a landscaping job. The remaining balance is invoiced and charged once the service is completed.

Damage to Property:
Please remember that property damage can sometimes occur unintentionally (for example, sprinkler heads or landscaping). This is frequently due to tall grass obstructing our vision of objects or, in the case of sprinkler heads, the head being too high above the ground. Please call us if there is any damage to the property, and we will ensure it is rectified as quickly as possible. We must approve any estimations from third parties.

Client Disputes:
At no additional cost, we would gladly re-send our crew to address any issues or concerns. If you are unhappy, please let us know within 24 hours.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day will be closed.
You can check our Google listing if you are unsure about our holiday hours.

Lawn Service Schedule:
Our Mowing season will begin on March 1st with Bi-weekly service. Then, from April to May, we will transition into weekly service. After that, from June to November, we will take on bi-weekly mowing clients. 
Fertilizer & Weed Control:
8-Round Fertilizer and Weed Control Program, where we come out every 5-6 weeks. 
*We do not treat Dallisgrass or King Ranch Bluestem*

Privacy Statement:
We value our clients' privacy and can assure you that the information we collect will never be shared or misused in any way.
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